My biggest success is my three wonderful kids!

First time writer Chrisanna Northrup achieved the Hollywood dream, inking a low six-figure deal with Vine Entertainment, for her first screenplay Silver.   Victoria Burrows and Scott Boland (Lord of the Rings, Cast Away, King Kong, Polar Express, etc.) were initially hired to cast the film.

Silver is a controversial screenplay, intertwining three true stories, inspired by Northrup’s own grueling experience with a con artist nanny.  The story focuses on several major loopholes in the US legal system, that leave a family exposed and a criminal protected.  After deception, sex scandals, kidnapping and murder, the story follows a mother’s fight to protect her family.

Chrisanna is looking forward to the opportunities to publicize Silver and inspire families through speaking engagements in communities and on talk shows, sharing how she turned her tragic story into a full feature film.  After the sale, Chrisanna was featured in Creative Screenwriting, Variety, and was a guest speaker at the San Diego Film Festival.


Background on Chrisanna M. Northrup

Chrisanna is a working mother of three (11 year old boy, 9 year old girl, and 7 year old boy).  For over 15 years, she has worked full time with a Private Banking Team as a Registered Associate at a highly regarded financial institution in San Diego and Los Angeles.  The 20-person team, currently oversees over $12 billion in assets, serving 90 families.  The team has the intimacy of a boutique and the global resources of one of the world's largest financial services firms.  Clients of the team include entrepreneurs, Forbes 400 members, corporate executives, media personalities, philanthropic entities, and owners of private corporations.   Surrounding herself with successful people gave her the inspiration and confidence that you can accomplish anything you want!

Chrisanna has creative edge to her writing and enjoys writing in her free time.  She enjoyed the process of writing so much, that when her own chilling experience with the nanny occurred, she decided to share the story as a full feature screenplay, Silver.  Against all odds, she sold Silver by placing a three-line, one-day ad in the trade papers. 

Raised in Virginia, Chrisanna moved to California at the age of 21.  A keen athlete, she enjoys surfing and running, and has won state awards for mountain biking.  Chrisanna resides in La Jolla, California, with her three children and husband of 15 years.


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